Seterra: error message when launching

Seterra requires a component called .NET to run properly. If you do not have .NET, you might get the following message: “The application failed to initialize properly(0×0000135)”. To install .NET, open C:\Sherig 3.0\Patches (or  D:\Sherig 3.0\Patches) and double-click dotnetfx35 SP1.exe

Audacity: error message when launching

If you get error message “Application configuration incorrect”, install the “Microsoft Redistributable” package. To install, open C:\Sherig 3.0\Patches (or  D:\Sherig 3.0\Patches) and double-click vcredist_x86.exe (for Windows 32-bit) or vcredist_x64.exe (for Windows 64-bit).

Dzongkha resources: Dzongkha fonts look strange (Windows XP)

If you see Dzongkha, but letters are stacked incorrectly (see example on the right side), the solution is to update Uniscribe. 
  • In C: or D:, open folder Sherig 3.0\Dzongkha\Fonts and Keyboard\Update Uniscribe (for Windows XP) 
  • Double-click file InstallUsp10Only.exe
  • For systems with Microsoft Word 2003 just click “update”.
  • Otherwise, click "Browse" and select file usp10.dll from the folder Update Uniscribe (for Windows XP). Then click “update”.
  • Ignore warning messages and do not insert your Windows XP CD.
  • Restart the computer

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